Trustics: Building networks of trust for developing architectural projects
Trustics is an exhibition for La Biennale Di Venezia main pavilion, curated by Alejandro Aravena. The idea of the installation is to create a narrative about how building trust networks is a transversal tactic that exists in the process of thinking, creating and living architectural projects. In this perspective, “trust” is seen in “operative” terms from its socio-political dimensions. In other words, it is understood as a process with the potential for collective transformation. The exhibit uses three examples from El Equipo Mazzanti in Colombia to show how building trust networks can be an effective tactic to turn an architectural project into successful urban transformation realities.
By giving the visitor the opportunity to explore and manipulate a series of video stories, where Colombian architecture identities are defined during the negotiations between different actors, the goal is to build in-site relationships that connect visitors with our projects.
From this point of view, El Equipo Mazzanti’s set of design rules (built environment renovation, collaborative work and peoples embracement over architecture) turn to be the central elements of the exhibition. Trustics becomes a toy for the visitors to play with as a device for actions and reactions, and the visitor takes the role of a player as new actor that makes this artifact part of the game for communal work.
Video Shown in the Installation
Video Shown in the Installation
Video Shown in the Installation

Concept: Equipo Mazzanti: Giancarlo Mazzanti + Carlos Medellín + María Mazzanti 
Collaborators: Irene Todero, Mariana Bravo, Saskia Rachello, Andrea Faca and Iván Samaniego. 

SCRIPT: María Mazzanti
DIRECTION BY: Giancarlo Mazzanti, Maria Mazzanti, Carlos Medellín
EDITED BY: Maria Luisa Sanin
ANIMATION BY: Julián Acosta
ART DIRECTION: María Mazzanto
MUSIC BY: Francisco Mojica
VIDEOS by: Cristobal Palma - Felipe Tello (Casa Rodante) – Alejandro Echeverry - Natalia Castaño - Fundación Pies Descalzos - Juan Andrés Lemus - aeioTU Fundación Carulla - Nanda Fernández Brédillard - Canal Caracol - Lulo Films - Señal Colombia – Discovery Channel - Erika Gómez - Silvia Ardila - Carmenza Bulla - Juan Carlos Lorza
SPONSORS: Iguzzini - Grupo Argos - Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia - Fundación Arteria - Hunter Douglas Architectural Colombia - Decorcerámica - Rolformados - C.I. Energía Solar/EsWindows - Tesa Asa Abloy - Sika 
TRANSLATION AND STYLE CORRECTION: Aldo Sicilia - Angela Parra - Lucia Lanzoni - Juana Salcedo 
COLLABORATORS: Mariana Bravo - Saskia Rachello
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