Exhibition Design, concept development and graphic design for El Equipo Mazzanti's Installation in the Chicago Architecture Biennal. 
The Speaking Architecture proposal is not based on objects to be displayed (models, plans and renders). Rather, it is about a way to build constellations—which is known as the relation between objects, events, and users (human and not human)—. We dispose of architectural possibilities that will be used as tools to create knowledge and exchange environments. There are
limitless paths and alternatives to board something in different ways. Daily elements change their use depending on the event.
We choose flexible architectures and modular interventions to hold activities such as drawing, model making, writing, dancing, resting, reading, assemble and disassemble. The activities
become improvisation mechanisms that will produce anomalies just for the fact that each user creates relate and acts differently. Their voices become the element that determines their existence
and the possibility of the architecture itself. We are not creating a closed narrative; we are letting the users create their own plots.
Equipo Mazzanti (Giancarlo Mazzanti + Carlos Medellin + Maria Mazzanti) 
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