Nicolás Paris: Dialogue, Murmur, Light, Hours or (a place to observe the transformation process)
“There is always, a child, a bird to secretly perceive the secret. There is always a perception finer than yours, a perception of your imperceptible, of what is in your box.” (Deleuze and Guattari)
Nicolás Paris presents to us here a micro-world, inviting us to attend the basic—I mean the essential—classroom where we learn  to sharpen our perception of the smallest things, the transparent ones: the world of particles, of atoms. We are going to work with rock powder, tiny seeds, a bird that is yet to arrive, ordinary flour, a little more of the colour white, motion and stillness of light:  speed and slowness of the flow of the living that becomes imperceptible in the abstract machine that produces it.
This is how we are in a skholé1 for perceiving the imperceptible (like that barely visible mark on the cloth that received the kneaded  dough) where along with Nicolás Paris we experience an aesthetics of the lightness that eliminates what stands out too much, what is too showy, that which seeks to blend in with the walls, with the floor, with the windows, with the sands of the street, and  breathe in the anonymous work of the neighbouring bakery. 
We can have in this classroom the experience of attending a laboratory of recipes for ridding ourselves of excesses, in order to become creative dust, particles of a world that by dint of eliminating, only draws in an abstract line, or in a puzzle piece that is in itself abstract. And conjugating, continuing with other lines, other pieces, one creates a world, which could cover the former, as in transparency.
A homage to the occupation of creating, omitting the meaning and the proper name to which one is reduced, to enable us to 
circulate among things, to concentrate desire on the perception of the secret. 
 M. Belén Sáez de Ibarra
Curatorship: María Belén Sáez de Ibarra.
Exhibition Design: María Mazzanti and Claudia Porras
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