Splanchnology  is an examination of intimacy and spatial memories.  There is an intrinsic relationship between domestic space and its inhabitants; therefore, a house is a metonymic space that symbolically unravels, one by one, the layers of identity of its tenants.
The idea behind “Esplacnology I” is to recognize how a house is a second skin of its inhabitant's body, one that protects their intimate universe. It actually works as an organism, and we can hear it functioning: fluids passing through water pipes, thermostats regulating temperature and turning the heat on and off: a whole series of processes intended to protect living systems.
By engraving pipes with the names of organs of the human digestive system, they are accepted as the viscera of domestic emotions and situations, transcending their mere utilitarian aspect of the object.

My house is the topography of my privacy
My home has viscera
My body feels and my house sounds
Stomach twists when I think about the past
Plip plip plip plip sounds the bathroom pipe
Valves open and close
Dot dot dot dot my feelings overflow
Objects containing the memory of places, times ... Identities.
The house is inscribed in me,
I am engraved on its foundations
Shuh shuh shuh shuh
Dibble dibble dibble
Metonymy between body and space
*Splanchnology  is the branch of medicine that studies the anatomy of viscera.
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