The Wall: 

What would happen when the architecture is undone? There might be a chance to explore and go trough it´s parts and rethink architecture´s social condition. If a building is dismembered, there will be an open door to a new state for preconditioned situations and explore new possibilities. This is the idea with this tactile – limitless _ wall. An element that is made not to separate, or to make
private, but to be explored, touched and make visible the possibilities that architecture and playfulness can do together.
We want to create a wall, but not a common simple concrete wall, it will work as a void full limit-less situations and anecdotes. The plan is to design a structure that contents a stair in side, finally covered by a membrane. 
A limit-less experience couldn’t only take place in a space composed by a void and a wall. It should be more and has to cross those boundaries to create relationships; become a medium for encounters, a place to tell stories and scenarios for people’s desires. It is a Rebel wall, a promenade that hides and shows, a sensual space, a big piece of fabric, a lamp, a dress, a cinema, a bed, a shadow theater, a stomach an infinite space.

Concept: Giancarlo Mazzanti, María Mazzanti, Carlos Medellín.
Development: Irene Todero, Iván Samaniego, Juana Salcedo, Eugenia Concha, Enrique Cavelier, Andrea Fajardo. 
Lighting: Targetti
Photos: Targetti and María Mazzanti.

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